Testimonials from SMEs

 Jacky Michel-Agency Director


"It is already part of our practices to promote and help youth employment and apprenticeship. Indeed, our main objective in Humando is to open up the professional world to people who are excluded from it. We even took part in the PEMS (Premier Emploi Mobilité Sport – First Job Mobility Sport) action which aims at supporting the integration of youth in a company through a mentoring program. Young people are thus in full immersion in the company, they can learn from it and if their profiles match the company’s criteria, it can even lead to a recruitment. That is exactly what happened in the Humando agency of Pantin 93 since one of the young people got an apprenticeship contract. We are now totally ready to repeat the experience".

 Giuliano Affini -
 Affini Service


‘Affini Service strongly believes in the value of young people's education and considers apprenticeship as an important tool to be used and strengthened more and more. That is why, with pleasure, we offer our testimony to try to foster the spread and the knowledge of this opportunity’.

 Saale Kivkangur-CEO
 Koidula Park Hotell


"We engage in apprenticeships to get extra help and to train new workers for our sector. As we are a Green Key hotel, we are also welcomed to introduce our values to students and school groups visit us often. Our last apprentice had gifted hands, she was talented in every field needed, was able to react quickly and effectively to solve many sudden emergencies.

EU Talent gives an opportunity to also see what others are doing to get some inspiration".

Chiara Menicatti-
 Monnalisa SPA


‘Monnalisa has always collaborated with schools, universities and post-graduate education in a dual form: welcoming young students to internships and making testimonies at schools and universities, bringing the experience of Monnalisa in the various areas of management control, of internationalization or CSR. This collaboration periodically leads to activations of traineeships and sometimes even in 2nd level apprenticeship contracts. We strongly believe in the value of prepared and motivated young people's contributions’.

Andrea Lombardi - CEO
 Uniser Societa Cooperativa Onlus


‘In Uniser we believe that learning is a never-ending process and all individuals shall be granted the opportunity to learn regardless their status and condition. For this reason, we offer companies that are willing to invest in the training of their apprentices, the opportunity to use the most effective learning methodology, that is to say mobility with the financial support of the Erasmus+ programme. We observe the benefit of learning mobility on participants on a daily basis, they increase their professional skills and observe different working techniques aboard, but most importantly they gain a set of key competences that are easier to acquire while living in another countries.’

Tony Recio 


"The ICT sector is changing and needs very specific and specialized profiles. The incorporation of students into the Dual Professional Training format gives us the opportunity to prepare future professionals in different areas for that specialization. It is also a way of reinforcing our commitment to maintain a constant and stable relationship with the training centers, so that we contribute to the development of the network and quality education oriented to the labor market with all the guarantees and the greatest involvement ".

Iolanda Gatell 


"In regards to EU Talent project, I am particularly proud of the contribution that the CTAIMA Group is making to society, especially in two aspects that I would like to highlight:

  1. The efforts made by the company to recruit these young people to the labour market.
  2. Through the incorporation of qualified personnel in Coordination of Business Activities, especially in the industrial sector, is possible to reduce the number of work accidents caused as a consequence of subcontracting."

  Gordon Pace-Managing Director
  Y Ltd


“Once needs are properly identified and actions are well planned, then a healthy relationship is born.  Everyone knows how to do some particular task from which you, whatever your business, can learn or benefit.  But it does take two to tango.  If you are ready to share your knowledge, then the result can only be success, in many forms”. 

Kadri-Liis Kusmin 


"We are interested in developing a long-term relationship with our apprentices. We don’t settle only with one month time.  We also let all our employees recruit new apprentices if they are highly motivated in what they do.  We always aim to recruit the apprentice into our core team after the initial phase is over."

Argo Saul - CEO Nordic Houses KT OU

“We are interested in developing a long-term relationship between our sector and schools for the upcoming generation to be more interested and aware about what we do. This would provide an opportunity for our sector to seem more attractive, ensures workforce for the future and youngsters will find it more interesting to work in our sector. We want to help young people to enter the job market. Meaningful co-operation ensures sustainability, and as the sector grows, we then would also have enough people from Estonia to employ. We have had foreign apprentices, their different views on how we do things are very refreshing, but cultural and language barrier often comes up as the negative side effect. In general youngsters are good workers who always bring their own views, this alone should count as a reason to involve them.”

 Valdur Jaht- CEO Avaron Asset Management

“We have gladly taken apprenticeships for it is a great way to see if there is still a passion for our field among the youth. As our sector is quite specific, it is valuable for the apprentice to see how we work, as well as in collecting knowledge of the field. For us the main value in apprenticeships is not in their work but lies in recruiting – we have someone to turn to with a job offer if more staff is needed.”

 Niels Hansen - CEO HL Repro A/S

“At HL Repro we consider it a part of your responsibility towards our community that we take in apprenticeships in our company. But it is also good business for us. New knowledge is added to the company thereby adding value and ensuring that we have the skills we need for the future.”

Lisbeth Fegge- Modulex A/S

”At Modulex, we are committed to our social responsibility. This not only includes environmental concern and focus on our own employees, but also the responsibility to educate and ensure the transition of knowledge to the new generations. This not only benefits the young apprentice, but also the company in the long term as we rely on the knowledge and skills of our employees.”

Waldemar Muszynski- Przedsiebiorstwo Dremus

We think that engaging in apprenticeships is valuable, because we have the possibility of educating future workforce. The more talents get to learn about work rules, gain experience, learn to use modern techniques, the better employees and even employers they get to become in the future. Insufficiency of the number of technical schools’ results in lack of qualified employees in basic occupations: carpenter, locksmith, mechanic.

Apprenticeships give companies an opportunity to prepare young an unexperienced apprentices for their job. They help in implementing professional improvement programmes, so that the company knows how to efficiently pass theoretical and practical knowledge to the apprentices and, in the longterm, gain qualified employees.

By becoming part of EU Talent project, we get to meet professionals from other countries, learn from their experiences and observations that they gained in other companies of the European Union."

Knud Erik Larsen- KLS Pureprint

”At KLS Pureprint, we believe that sustainability should be considered in all aspects of the business. This includes of course our Cradle-to-cradle certified products, but we also strive to consider sustainability and our responsibility in relation to education of the future workforce. That will not only bring value to society but also to our company.”

"Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to nurture their own talent and provide an excellent route for young people to enter the labour market when starting out in their careers as they allow an individual to train on a job and gain qualifications at the same time. Despite this, there are still a lot of misconceptions around apprenticeships amongst employers, individuals and parents. Furthermore, many employers still argue that they struggle to recruit the ‘right’ candidate into their roles and at the same time there is a concern that not all apprenticeships are of the same quality and offer the same opportunities."

Mark Bajada - Bajada New Energy Poland

Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to nurture their own talent and provide an excellent route for young people to enter the labour market when starting out in their careers as they allow an individual to train on a job and gain qualifications at the same time. Despite this, there are still a lot of misconceptions around apprenticeships amongst employers, individuals and parents. Furthermore, many employers still argue that they struggle to recruit the ‘right’ candidate into their roles and at the same time there is a concern that not all apprenticeships are of the same quality and offer the same opportunities

Artur Czepcyński - CEO, ABC-Czepczyński                                 Poland

“In the times of unstable employee’s market, apprenticeships as well as internships and supporting schools are not only actions supporting local community, but also investment in the common good. By supporting education, we create a relationship with an apprentice, we teach them about company’s structure and its organizational culture. The apprentice becomes an ambassador of what is going on the inside of the enterprise. They get the chance of learning about the practical part of the job and of verifying their decision. After graduating, when starting their career, they will be aware and qualified employees, which we cherish the most. All of this is delivered by the EU Talent project”.

Alexander Pavlov - CEO, Alexander Pavlov               Latvia

"I engage in apprenticeships, because I care about the tradition. Historically, Latvia has retained a great tradition in sewing and clothing design. Although the industrial situation in the country has changed, traditions in our country are still alive - we continue to sew. Our company sees that young people need guidance and professional guardianship, and apprenticeship encourages them to strive for more. Apprenticeship ensures that young people stay in the country; they develop the industry, the labour force remains in Latvia. Latvians are talented in music, sports, design, but one thing should be remembered - a talent must be noticed and polished just like a newly found diamond. We need fresh blood, new trends and diligent hands, and it is only to be ensured through apprenticeship. We are looking for apprentices who stay with the company after the end of apprenticeship. Knowing the quality level our company requires and maintains apprentices will always find a job in this industry. In tailor's profession, hands, eyes and mind are not trained in hours, but rather in days. That is exactly what I want to show my apprentices - how much professionalism and patience they will need. The development from an apprentice to a tailor must start with the very basics, and even then it takes a long time for a tailor to become a real professional. I know how to become a professional tailor and earn for living, and I want to hand over this knowledge. In this industry, apprentice training is a huge work, we give our time to reach a noble goal - we hope that our apprentices will grow into real professionals. We should understand that design is an added value that comes from the air, it can be invented, and this is what makes this profession unique."


  Aco Ilic-General Manger


As a socially responsible company, we actively work on improvement of all activities related to education and training of young people and we happily participate in all programmes that may contribute to raise the standard in this field. Through its programme, the EU Talent project has major impact on the preparation of young people for high-quality, responsible jobs, including three important fields of business development in their project: business sector, education and the young, and we are extremely pleased to be a part of this programme.


  Jorge Fernández - CEO

"Incorporating people into the company always entailed a period of continuous training until the person in question was fully efficient. By changing our business model from selling expertise consulting to selling solutions, incorporating young people with high skills to offer them a career within the company made a lot of sense.
The experience of having apprentices was very positive. On the one hand it allowed us to have a fresh and impartial external vision and new insights coming from talent with different backgrounds. On the other hand, it allowed us to have access to International talent due to the origin of the students of Esade Master's degree and the privilege of the methodological support from a prestigious Business School".


Christian Dard  - CEO
Soulier Kubitza

Horizon Jardin company Logo


"Opening our doors to apprentices is, before all, valuable for the competitiveness of our company: it allows us to train ourselves, and following our working methodology and savvy, our future workforce. Thanks to this, we can create an internal talent pool, from which we take benefit, and not our competitors!

By investing in human capital, we improve the well being of our employees, that are then more productive, contributing to the welfare of our company.

The EUTalent project helps to « oil » the heavy and complex machinery of apprenticeship, sometimes hard to implement in a SME! This is a good help to take to increase its competitiveness and commitments in the training of tomorrow’s talents"


Clint Abela-Wadge - Owner
Wadge Hair Studio

wadge hairs tudio logo

"Investing in an apprentice, it is like investing in your company. By having an apprentice working with you, you are opening a door for the business to grow. Clients will start to develop a relationship with the apprentice and eventually once she/he will graduate, there might be an option to employ them with you.

Myself as a salon owner benefited a lot from my apprentice, as the first thing my clients ask is for her, people like her a lot, and now she managed to build up her confidence.

Sometimes business owners are afraid to invest into apprentices since they are afraid that after they teach them everything, they will leave. But it is a risk you have to take."


Edite Kalnina - HR Manager
AbbVie SIA

AbbVie company logo

"As a business Human resources partner I see the direct benefit working with young people -there is a greater likelihood of them becoming potential employees when the business need and opportunities arises.

I see two-sided developing relations between AbbVie employees as a mentor and an apprentice – not only the apprentice learns but as well employees benefits from the skillset of the young people (e.g. new technologies, high levels of energy, new tools, methods).

I believe that each company and unit can allocate a task/ placement for apprentices – it is not about investment into workplace and equipment but openness to the new generation and readiness to share know-how."


Brian Sørensen - COO


"The impact of apprentices is vital for the company as they bring new ideas to the table and add valuable resources that the company could not easily access otherwise. Apprenticeships are especially cost-effective when coupled with externally funded projects, which are also valuable for the innovative approach.

Our apprentices achieve more than just acquiring hands-on experience on what it is like to work in a company, they do so within the context of the academic curriculum the apprenticeship is part of. For instance, one of our latest apprentices was involved in a project funding new and more sustainable product solutions for the company, emphasizing their CSR and sustainability profile while also cutting costs. His presence created an added value for the company."


Gülçin Tekin - HR Manager
Maxion Inci Inc.

"With their amateur spirit, they can think outside of the box and bring new and different ideas to the table so the company could benefit from their approach.

We support financially limited successful students in local schools by mentoring them, by preparing them to business life with real experience, to create more employment and add value to the student and economy of the country.

It needs time, energy and resources but in the end you support a financially limited student and give opportunity to follow his/her dreams. With our senior executive experiences, students have unforgettable experiences. We wanted to share this unique experience through EU Talent so that all other companies can implement such an important social responsibility project."


Álvaro Flores Delgado
HR Director


"We are a family company with more than 90 years of history, our tradition is to incorporate people in their first experience and have them stay with us throughout their professional life, with an average stay that exceeds 24 years. Participating in scholarship apprenticeship programmes has allowed us to complement knowledge and practical experience in training our workforce. We are also eager to receive new motivation and hopes for the team from younger people.

We take part in EUTalent because it allows us to continue to evolve and grow as an organization, as it analyses in a comparative way our training projects, evaluating each measure and making us ponder our contribution."


Muzaffer Altın - CEO
GEMTAŞ Propoller


"We invest on apprentices because young people are better leaners than adults. With this method the training of the workforce comes from the core of the company and apprentices can practice their vocational training on the job. By involving them in an apprenticeship, some disadvantaged and restive youth are kept far from harmful habits.

When we discovered about EUTalent, we decided we wanted to get involved in the project because we believe that apprenticeships are the best way to ensure that there will be qualified people in the profession or sector."


Francesca Gandolfi - HR Manager
SCS Consulting

"The apprenticeship contract is the opportunity to develop future competencies for the company with a considerable saving that can be invested to improve a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. An effective process can reduce risks of availability of competencies on the labour market which is scarcely aligned with the need of a consulting firm."


Kadir Köse - CEO
Özköse Machine Industry

"We invest on youth to make them productive members of society and contrast social exclusion. Apprenticeships are a good way of doing that in the specialized work field we operate in, since they allow for theoretical knowledge and practical work to be fulfilled at the same time.

The inclusion of young apprentices, which is supported by state funding, increases business productivity by reducing the workload for craftsmen. Investing in apprenticeships is also a good way of ensuring the sustainability of the sector.

We got involved in EUTalent because we care about our apprentices and because it gives us an opportunity to promote our business to other SMEs.


Juris Sīlis - Board Member
Jelgavas tipografija Ltd


"Engaging in apprenticeships is challenging for the company as you have to take special measures in organizational structure, appoint responsible persons and develop individual learning plans. But those challenges are strengthening the company in the longer run.

The main goal for apprenticeships should not be limited to get new and talented employees. It is a narrow point of view. It is more about creating a learning opportunity platform for both sides, with positive and mutually beneficial outcomes. The apprentice could become an employee, or even better a future employer."


Petra Horáková
Managing Director
Chateau Mcely

"We consider the young apprentices as our possible future manpower with new ideas and energy. Since the first day we followed this approach to the trainee practice proved its worth several times over. Successful apprentices have a part-time job in our hotel during their studies and some consequently become our employees.

Former apprentices are manpower with a high value and quality because they already know the environment, staff, management and important returning clients ."



Carsten Lund
Head of bricklayer division

Ove Larsen a.s


"At Ove Larsen A/S it is all about taking responsibility for the workforce of the future. Ensuring qualified and educated employment for tomorrow. We know that we have a part to play in this and that we need to take our share of the responsibility but that it also benefits us in the end since many of the apprenticeships ends up being employed by us after they are done.”


Miroslav Gligorijević
General Manager
TITAN Cementara Kosjerić

 Titan cement company logo

"Our company has a very long tradition in partnering with society and positively influencing the conditions that affect our stakeholders. Initiatives that bring benefits to young people have been established for many years, whilst apprenticeships programs, which we have started in 2014, make a helpful contribution to our company as well, representing a great way to bring in talented students to contribute to the organization, offering their original ideas and perspectives.

Unemployment is a major challenge in the whole region and we are helping to mitigate this issue through internship programs that also demonstrate our commitment to create opportunities for young people from local community to develop skills and competencies that are necessary for employment.”

Meggenidi Elissabet CEO, Troufa home. Greece


“Apprenticeships helps us as a new company a lot as the apprentices who join us are very focused and willing to help us while gaining experience at the same time. I am really thrilled to welcome apprentices as 4 years ago I was an apprentice myself and I know what they want and need.”



Jarosław Deka

CEO -Zakład Fotograficzny u Jarka Jarosław Deka

"Conducting educational activities gives us the satisfaction of a job well done and sharing photography knowledge, information and skills. We may say that thanks to our effort invested in the educating process, quality of our brand rises. Participating in EU Talent project helps in sharing knowledge and encouraging even the smallest companies to get involved in educating future workforce.”


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